There is always a checklist to verify to be sure that problems are avoided. Here is our list of little things to not forget, so that your days will be unforgettable ( of course of great memories )

For adults

  • Buy your lift ticket in advance of the start of your lessons ( because there are often too many people at the ticket counter)
  • Verify your equipment by one of our specialists before the beginning of your lessons ( skis, snowboards, boots, and bindings)
  • Dress in case of very cold weather: it is easier to take off clothes than to not have enough.
  • Do not leave your ski boots or snowboard boots in the trunk of your car overnight, they will dry out, and could even freeze.
  • Don’t forget the essentials: sun cream, sun glasses, hat, gloves, Kleenex etc…
  • Be on time for your lessons, take into consideration that there may be lines at the ticket booth, and at the ski lift.
  • It is always fun to take pictures, but be careful, protect your apparatus from humidity and falls. Put it in a small backpack, or something around your waist.

For children

With your help your child will be well prepared for their snow classes.

  • Let your child know what he will discover in class ( new friends, teachers etc..)
  • Make sure they are well dressed, and equipped. ( gloves, hats, boots, sun cream, sun glasses)
  • We suggest they have a helmet but it is not obligatory
  • Make sure their equipment has been checked by a team of specialists before the lessons.
  • You must be on time to bring and pick up your child
  • Put their lift ticket and lesson card in their coat pockets, on which you should put your name and number where you can be reached during the course
  • We appreciate you not sticking around, watching your child while we give the classes.
  • Know your ski teacher and ask where and when the classes begin and end.
  • Let your ski teacher make the decision of a class change.